Assurances jobs now offers employers the talent hunting and candidate recruitment service in property and casualty insurance and financial services

  Our team of recruiters will be able to : – Target your needs – Find the ideal candidate according to your criteria – Identify available talent for new challenges – Select and interview candidates – Customized service according to your requirements Our website also offers you the possibility to post a job in damage… Read more

The best way to answer questions about integrating at a new job

  The first few days at a new job can set the tone for your tenure with that employer. You’re joining a team where you don’t know anyone, and you’re taking on tasks for which the expected outcomes may not be entirely clear. For all these reasons, the recruiter may decide to ask you questions… Read more

How to stand out from the other candidates

    We asked recruitment and career experts what makes one candidate stand out over the others — here’s what they said. If you’ve been applying to a number of jobs with little luck, it could be that your resume is getting lost in the pack of the seemingly countless other applicants you’re competing with…. Read more

Nine Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume

  Since most recruiters and hiring managers receive far more resumes than they have time to review carefully, they’re forced to find shortcuts that will allow them to quickly sort resumes into “yes,” “maybe” and “no” piles. There are lots of ways to get into the “yes” pile — customizing your resume, using strong verbs, giving concrete… Read more

How to stay productive while working from home

It’s now been more than six months that around 14 percent of Quebec workers have been working from home. Many people are hoping that the situation is temporary and will return to normal soon, but with the second wave of COVID-19 underway in Quebec and around the world, we have to face facts: this pandemic… Read more

10 words you need to cut from your resume

  Workopolis has literally millions of resumes in our database and roughly 1,000 new ones are added daily. Analyzing the content of these shows us some distinct patterns of how Canadians are marketing themselves – and how some improvements can be made. Here’s a look at some of the most often-repeated wordings and phrases in… Read more

5 tricks from psychology that will get your resume noticed

Did you know that employers received between 75 and 250 applications for a single job posting? Yep, and if you’re able to get past the automated resume screening that many companies now use, your resume often only has seconds to catch the eye. As little as 10 seconds to be exact. So how do you… Read more